The Art of Recruiting

Our business is based on three pillars:

Advice. While our activity can be defined simply – find the right person for the right job in the right organization at the right time – it requires to incorporate the essential steps of analysis, diagnosis, recommendation, challenge and change, which define an advisory approach.

Uncertainty. Hiring – or be hired – is a decision that comes with its level of uncertainty. As a recruitment consultant, our role is to create the conditions for that decision, to investigate it and follow through.

Scarcity. Scarcity of time, scarcity of talent – and yet abundance of space and opportunities.
This is a radical and challenging paradox: in this new world of multitude and hyper connection, it remains very difficult to set in tune time, talent and space.

Our Ethos

Headstock Executive Search is our brand. In English, “headstock” means several things, including the “head” of the neck of a guitar, a piece that displays the name of the instrument maker and carries the tuning mechanism. Each string is different but must be selected and tuned according to the others, depending on the instrument and the music that we want to produce…the strings play as a team.



So how do we work?

We work for the long term. As you do with us.
We are loyal. We all will still be there tomorrow.
You are unique. We adapt ourselves.
We are accessible and available.
We are direct and transparent.
We are still learning from you